Fitness Stuff To Read: 2/8/2015

Fitness Stuff To Read: 2/8/2015

Before I dive into this week’s readings, a big congratulations to the Denver Broncos for winning the 2016 Super Bowl.

And one massive apology to all the avid football fans: this marks the SECOND year in a row I didn’t tune in for the spectacle of Beyonce performing more minutes than the players, advertisers spitting out shitty commercials, and excusing myself for this one day to scarf down Domino’s pizza.

Instead, I ordered take-out sushi, drank a bottle of wine, and you guessed it…read books.

Sorry not sorry.

Here are this week’s readings:

Staying In Shape As A Fitness Professional: How Much Does Your Physique Affect Your Success? – Nick Tumminello
This weekend, I ate cupcakes with a client. To my surprise, she felt more connected to me because I didn’t emulate the “let’s-eat-broccoli-and-do-fasted-cardio” trainer type. Nick nails it with this article. Not all trainers need to be lean 24/7/365.

Simplifying Workout Nutrition – Courtney Ferreira
Eating post workout is important. Just like paying your taxes. DO IT!!!!!! Thanks to R.D. Courtney Ferreira, a seemingly complex topic is now dumbed down.

4 Biggest Lies of the Biggest Loser – Dani Shugart
I used to be a fan of the show until I realized the trainers knew nothing about metabolic function, strength training, or how to care for the human body. A couple of shots are fired in this article. Enjoy. :-0


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