How to Do Fitness for Youth Soccer Players

How to Do Fitness for Youth Soccer Players

It’s been three months since I released Total Youth Soccer Fitness, and a couple of exciting things have happened:

1. Over 15 countries are diving into the program and using the drills with their youth athletes.
2. A published, print version is in the works in 2019.
3. Sports coaches beyond soccer are using it, including wrestling, baseball, hockey, and lacrosse.
4. I have become more of an introvert like my cat.

What’s funny is, as impactful as I want to be across the world, broadcast my youth training insights, and connect with people in the industry, I also like to remain hidden behind-the-scenes.

I created Total Youth Soccer Fitness to help youth coaches, players, and parents with yes, programming safe and effective drills for strength, agility, and coordination, but also, to inspire everyone make physical activity a part of their life on their own time.

With that said, fitness for youth athletes is more than just telling them to run through a zig-zag set of cones. It’s more than signing them up for CrossFit. It’s more than making them tap their feet through agility rings.

It’s a lifestyle.

Kids are sedentary nowadays and it scares me.

Too many glowing screens. Too much Instagram. Too much average screen time of 4 hours.


So how are you going to take action to get them to love movement more than their mobile device?

How are you going to ensure your players message you with eagerness, “hey Coach, when can I come into the gym again during college break?”

The Total Youth Soccer Fitness Program is one, massive resource that will help you inspire a passion for movement, but if you’d like more fun drills, check out these articles as well:

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Enjoy and let me know what your youth athletes think.

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