Fitness Celebrity vs. Fitness Professional Part 3: Who To Follow

Fitness Celebrity vs. Fitness Professional Part 3: Who To Follow

A year ago, I wrote a controversial piece entitled Fitness Celebrity vs. Fitness Professional: Who To Follow?

Needless to say, it’s been a while since I’ve fired shots at fitness celebrities, and to say I’ve gone into hibernating is an understatement.

A couple things happened after the article released to the masses:

1.) I made one celebrity cry.
2.) But I made 10,000 people nod their heads in agreement.
3.) I’m not counting or anything.
4.) The world almost faced a zombie apocalypse.

Now I’m back with a Part 3 to the madness.

But this time around, I’ve changed my perspective. Holy shit balls. Personal growth is a thing?

So with that, my new answer of who to follow: whoever the hell you want.

Look. I’m just a chick strength and conditioning coach in Baltimore, MD. I could give you my biased advice and point you toward the fitness professional, but now that I’ve evolved as a coach, I have no place to tell you who to follow, let alone, who motivates you.

Perhaps the fitness celebrity is for you. Perhaps the fitness professional is for you. That’s up for you to decide.

At the end of the day, we all have different goals and things that keep us motivated. If sifting through Paige Hathaway’s half nude photo shoots and arsenal of flexing videos urges you to make a life transformation, then follow her.

If following functional-anti-extension-rotary stability strength coaches make you want to grab life by the balls and climb monkey bars with your newfound, superhuman grip strength, then wonderful. Follow them.

If the ToneItUp girls encourage you to start moving, all while smiling during each rep, then awesome. Follow them.

Sure, I have my negative opinions on fitness celebrities. There’s a lot of rubbish floating around the industry that I can’t stand behind. Ever.

Especially when it comes to cookie cutter programs with women going no higher than 5 pound dumbbells to get “long, lean muscles” only to see no real results is painful.

But you know what?

Who people choose to follow is not my responsibility.

And by no means, am I trying to carry the fucking world on my back. Ouch.

I have enough problems to deal with: car insurance payments, fighting crime, fighting Internet creepers, and making sure my boyfriend stays sane.

Daunting tasks, no doubt.

So yeah…follow whoever you wish. Ain’t got shit to do with me.

Follow who inspires you to move, who motivates you to go that much harder, who encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle, who pushes you to blast your biceps, who urges you to crush chest day.

LOL. Honestly, coming from a more athletic performance trainer like myself, this video pumps me the fuck up.

It kills me that the fitness industry is filled with people who command “do this” or “do that” or “don’t do that and you’ll get AIDS and die.”

Let let people be people. Everyone is on their own unique journey. What works best for your neighbor may not work best for you.

Nothing earth shattering…just raw, authentic truth.

  • Jay
    Posted at 21:17h, 04 March Reply

    Erica, you know I like this series… and I feel you…

    And I got much much more tolerant lately as well. As I found myself loving tabata workouts on Tuesdays, and I actually did some Popsugar YouTube videos lately (and was crazed out by how much choreography they have and how limited my brain apparently is…)


    To everyone who wants a good laugh, please check out this one: Funniest workout videos ever!!!


    • erica
      Posted at 13:05h, 15 March Reply

      Thank you!!!

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