Exercises For Confidence: Split Stance Dead Lift

Exercises For Confidence: Split Stance Dead Lift

Before I head out on vacation and binge drink mojitos like the apocalypse is forthcoming, I will leave you with one more post.

But first, here’s the deal about this trip: I’m excited to FINALLY disconnect from society, yet secretly terrified to be unreachable.

You see, I’ve become addicted to being available – to my clients, soccer players, soccer parents, my parents, and Brad Pitt. (<— fingers crossed he calls me back).

As it turns out, I have a career that requires consistent connection to humans. If I’m not hands-on training or coaching soccer on the pitch, I’m blogging. And we all know the blog realm is suuuuuuuuper connected – almost TOO connected. Want privacy? DON’T BE A BLOGGER.

On a daily basis, I talk with NFL coaches, professional soccer coaches, married men, single men, moms wanting to get strong, and downright creepy men who “want to talk strength and conditioning.”

Strength and conditioning, my ass.

Anyway, I’ll call out the creepers on another post. Be scared.

Creeper McCreeps aside, in honor of my trip to Miami where booty is about to be rockin’ everywhere, here is today’s Exercise For Confidence:

Why I Like It
– Ben Bruno wrote about it on T-nation. Need I say more?
– Okay, I will say more. I’m not trying to rush this post or get to Miami or anything…
– You kill two birds with one stone with the single leg work via a bilateral lift. Because let’s face it, 88.888% of your clients/athletes will butcher single leg work.
– I find in this position I’m able to get more depth, which means more hamstring and glute work. Although, my hips are as loose as Shakira’s. Play with your depth and see how you do. Your hips won’t lie. ;-0
– Great for accessory work, especially eccentric contraction. Oftentimes, people rush single leg work and don’t reap any eccentric benefits. This one will do the trick. BUT: DO NOT LIFT FOR MAX EFFORT!!!!!
– You’ll be more functional, bro. But we all knew that.
– Best used with a trap bar or kettlebells so the load isn’t in front. I chose kettlebells because I was too lazy to set up the trap bar. Sorry not sorry.

Give it a try and let me know how you do. Also, wish me luck down in Miami. I’m going solo.

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