Exercises For Confidence: Side Plank Contralateral Knee Tuck

Exercises For Confidence: Side Plank Contralateral Knee Tuck

Planks are an exercise I love and hate.

I love them because they help with spinal stability, proper breathing, and glute activation.

I hate them because they are VERY EASY for people to butcher. Often, this happens when trainers have their clients hold planks for minutes on end. Unless you want to beat the world record for longest plank iso-hold, then this is worthless.

Done correctly, plank variations should be a bitch to perform. All facets of the core must be engaged and depending on the the progression, lats and glutes should also be fired. Typically, just a 20 second RKC front plank is enough to make me hate life.

However, once mastered, a RKC plank and basic side plank can be just as exciting as having an antique yard sale. Then, it’s time to kick up the challenge.

Here is this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Side Plank Contralateral Knee Tuck


It’s Awesome Because…

– It works on motor skills through simultaneous movement of the opposite elbow to opposite knee.
– Excellent for anti-lateral flexion and dissociating the hip mobility from lumbar stability.
– The contralateral and split-stance balance turns on the anterior core.
– It promotes glute firing of the rear leg and stabilization of the ipsilateral (same side) hip.
– It works the anterior oblique subsystem (AOS) which helps with force transfer from the lower to upper extremity (golf swing, soccer kick, lacrosse shot, badass status).
– Makes your belly button ring look fresh.


Things To Remember…

– Go in slow motion. Almost like you’re in the Matrix. Seriously.
– Move the opposite arm and opposite leg at exact same time. Get coordinated.
– Squeeze the contralateral glute on the kick back.
– Wear a “Good Vibes” t-shirt.

Let me know how you do. You can use this as a movement prep warm-up OR to turn your core circuits up a notch. Enjoy.

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