Exercises For Confidence: Leopard Crawl with Shoulder Tap

Exercises For Confidence: Leopard Crawl with Shoulder Tap

Whenever I program crawling for my clients or soccer players (which is 99.9999% of the time) they look at me like I have ten heads.

You mean, you want me to crawl like a baby?

Well, yes.

I understand their initial fears of getting down on all fours. It’s a bit humbling. And awkward.

Crawling patterns are commonly used as a means of “torture” during group classes, so naturally, peeps are averse to performing this movement. Often we see excessive rounding of the back, poor lumbo-pelvic control, and people wishing they were watching Blues Clues instead. Somewhere in boot camp/HIIT hell, we lost sight of the myriad of benefits from crawling.

We ask questions like “What muscles am I working?” or “How does this translate to sports?” or “How should I position my knees and hips?” or “How fast should I be going?”

I will answer all these questions. But first let’s jump into this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Why It’s Awesome:

– Works on motor skills via contralateral hand and foot movement. Moving the opposite hand and and opposite leg in unison builds neural connections in the brain and connects the left and right hemispheres.
– Builds reflexive strength through your core.
– The shoulder tap component provides an added challenge of core and shoulder stabilization.
– Promotes anti-flexion of the spine. Because let’s be real, most people butcher crawling with the “face-down-ass-up” position. Save that for the bedroom.
– Allows us to separate hip movement from the spine.
– Activates your vestibular, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems – all which are needed for optimal athletic performance.
– #triceps.

Proper Form:

– Hips move as spine remains in neutral.
– Hands beneath the shoulders.
– Opposite arm, opposite leg move in SLOW. MOTION. It’s not a race. Don’t rush this one.
– Hold the shoulder tap for 1-2 seconds. I call this a generous dose of “hang time.”
– Wear yoga pants.

Give it a try and let me know how you do. Happy Crawling! ;-P

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