Exercises For Confidence: Chain-resisted Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge

Exercises For Confidence: Chain-resisted Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge

As the old saying goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.”

Building off of this morbid mantra, there is also more than one way to do an exercise, or work in an added challenge. Things like resistance bands, unilateral vs. bilateral movements, force vectors, biomechanics adjustments, heavier loads, or squats while swallowing knives.

Certainly, I want my clients to hone progressive overload and not be stagnant sissies who meander through the motions of a program. But I also want them to progress gradually before throwing them into the fire.

It is always in a client’s best interest to perfect the movement first before progressing onto more advanced lifts. And I know, I know…mastering the hip hinge movement with just an itty bitty kettlebell isn’t as sexy and badass as stomping up to a monstrous barbell and performing heavy dead lifts to the point you can’t feel your tits.


For any of the lower extremity big lifts (dead lifts, squats, hip thrusts) I always take my clients through realistic progressions before handing them the barbell and wishing them good luck.

For the hip thrust, especially, I ensure they master smaller challenges before sliding under the barbell.

Enter: Chain-resisted single leg glute bridge


Why I Like It

Besides involving some ass and chains (sexual innuendo intended), it offers a host of benefits:

– The elevated foot provides for more hamstring work as they isometrically contract to flex the knee. As a soccer trainer, I love having my players do this on the field since we don’t have access to hamstring-friendly equipment like barbells and kettlebells.

– The contraction rate of the glutes is WAY higher due to the single leg component. And you can feel it! So you want to hate life, but have your boyfriend love you more? Unilateral glute bridges bring the burn and the buns.

– The core and the hips have to work harder to stabilize the torso.

-The chains add more work if you’re not quite ready for the barbell. They also help to develop speed, strength, and power – all the tools that will build a better hip thrust PR in the long-run.

– Finally: this exercise helps you to get lucky if you make eye contact with men. And if you’re a dude, try seducing a woman with these and get back to me if you succeeded. I’ll buy you a drink if you do.

So how’s that for a chain-ge? Enjoy and let me know how it goes. 😉

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