Exercise For Confidence: Vertical TRX Pull-Up

Exercise For Confidence: Vertical TRX Pull-Up

Did I really just say vertical and pull-up in the same sentence?


In my defense, people get tripped out when I say “TRX Pull Up.” I mean, is it a TRX row? Is it a move from American Ninja Warrior? Is it a movement that picks up chick in the gym?

Well, maybe.

Let’s dive right into this week’s Exercise For Confidence:


– Great way to work on vertical pulling and to improve pull-up strength.

– Allows you to self spot with your feet and give yourself assistance as needed.

– Provides an “unfixed” grip position to avoid shoulder internal rotation. Notice in the video how I’m not directly underneath the TRX and slightly at an angle, so I can focus on lat engagement.

– Just a better alternative to a lat pull down. You’re welcome.

Perform 3-5 sets, 8-12 reps to get started. Happy vertical pulling.

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