Exercise for Confidence: Quadruped Shoulder Taps (Foam Roller Edition)

Exercise for Confidence: Quadruped Shoulder Taps (Foam Roller Edition)

Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to call this week’s Exercise for Confidence.

I was oscillating between “foam roller shenanigans” or “more exciting than a plank” or “get the ladies.” Put simply, this exercise will torch the core.

Maybe it looks acrobatic to you, or like I’m trying to do shit just to do shit, but hey, it’s great for challenging core stability in a different way.

Here it is:

Why It’s Awesome:

– It’s a great progression to the plank or a conventional quadruped isometric hold, and makes the movement more dynamic.

– Excellent for shoulder stability and core stability. With that said, no more ab crunches to train the core. I wrote an extensive article here on why, and I include 10 alternate exercises.

– Makes foam rollers look more useful.

And that’s it.

Key Coaching Cues:

– Get in a quadruped position with the knees at about 90 degrees.

– Elevate the knees off the ground, keeping the weight on the toes. Be sure to keep knees about an inch from the ground.

– Place hands on a foam roller and perform slow shoulder taps. DO NOT RUSH.

– Keep hips stable. There should be little to no movement in the hips so the core is doing the majority of the work. I like to cue, “Keep your belly button facing the floor.”

– Say some prayers.

Good luck. ;-O

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