Exercise for Confidence: Polar “Bear” Crawl

Exercise for Confidence: Polar “Bear” Crawl

It’s Halloween and today I pride myself in dressing cute instead of…you know, raunchy.

Sure, most women see Halloween as an opportune time to let loose and rock a naughty get-up, but because I had to go into work today, I kept things conservative.

Other years, I was anything from Katy Perry to a ring leader to Megan Fox to Jigsaw from Saw.


Yes. That happened. And yes, I had a tricycle that I stole from a nearby kindergarten.

So in celebration of Halloween and not being a total slut, I’m terming this week’s Exercise for Confidence as the “Polar Bear” crawl.

Check it out:

Why I Like It:

– Focuses on reflexive strength through the “X” or core. Opposite limb movement provides coordinated movement that helps us to walk, run, and sprint.

– Compared to conventional bear crawls, this provides more stress on the anterior core.

– Excellent for upper body strength and shoulder stability.

– Works in all planes of motion. You can get creative and do forward, backward, circle, or lateral crawls.

Of course, I stole this from the guys of Original Strength. Duh.

Normally this one is called a leopard crawl due to the low knee position, but I termed it polar bear crawl because well…fluffy white boots. ;-0

Enjoy and let me know how you do.

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