Exercise For Confidence: Pallof Sled Drag

Exercise For Confidence: Pallof Sled Drag

I recently just confessed my weight to all of my clients.

While most fitness professionals would slap me across the face for doing so, I was happy to disclose this info to make a revolutionary point:

It’s possible to weigh 150 pounds and look like you weigh 120.

Yeah. I’m awesome.

Give me all the resting bitch faces you want, but this is something I have done my research on and have done the bare minimum to achieve. While most of my friends are under the impression I work out all the time to the point I can’t feel my face, this couldn’t be more far from the truth.

Here’s my weekly schedule:

Monday: Total body strength (30 minutes)
Tuesday: Soccer Game (1 hour)
Wednesday: Total body strength (30 minutes)
Thursday: Soccer Game (1 hour)
Friday: Total body strength (30 minutes)
Saturday: Netflix and chill
Sunday: Leisurely hike, meditation, foam rolling

And if I don’t have time to get everything in – you know, when I’m off being Wonder Woman and fighting villains – I at least make sure I get in a few days of heavy strength training. Because, thunder thighs. ;-0


Bret Contreras recently posted a great article reinforcing strength training = fat loss training. He tosses out some serious anatomy to back up his argument. It’s legit. Read it.

Along your resistance training journey, you may gain weight, lose weight, or stay the same. Either way, if you’re lifting weights you’re carrying more muscle and less fat, and may actually find that your clothes fit better. Plus, you will shift your physique from “skinny fat” to shapely, solid, and durable.


For more info on the detriments of being “skinny fat,” read this article by Sohee Lee, CSCS. I’m not saying I judge skinny betches, but…I judge skinny betches. Especially, when they wear oversized sweatshirts with Uggs and a Starbuck’s latte in-hand. I’m convinced one day they will either be their own race or have a frappucino named after them.

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Okay. But also being “skinny fat” has a negative impact on our bone, joint, and cardiovascular health. Needless to say, strength training is the single best way to look good and ensure a lifetime of inner radiance.

If you wish to add a challenge to your resistance training regimen, or simply want to NOT be a skinny betch, check out this week’s Exercise For Confidence. It’s kinda sorta a beast. Buckle up.

I stumbled upon this gem on professional soccer player Ashlynn Harris’ Instagram page. She’s a goalie, so of course she is going to train her core in a way that can resist high levels of force.

From the outside, this one looks like a cakewalk. But nothing will rip into your core more than this bad boy.

Why I Like It:

– Excellent for anti-rotation training. Like AWESOME. Again, you want to feel like your obliques are being stabbed with needles? Yeah. This will do the job.

– Serves as a new challenge if you’re sick of pallof presses. This progression separates the boys from the men, and gives you a higher chance of getting laid.

– Targets the anterior and posterior oblique sub systems. The internal and external obliques, contralateral adductors, latissimus dorsi, and contralateral gluteus medius all work as one interconnected web to stabilize the entire trunk.


– You don’t need to perform this one for THAT LONG. You’ll feel like you did some serious work after 2-3 sets of 10-15 yard drags each way.

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