Exercise For Confidence: Offset Lateral Step Up

Exercise For Confidence: Offset Lateral Step Up

Four years ago from today, I started my coaching journey. My first clients were 15 year old male soccer players in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who didn’t speak a word of English besides “Obama.”

Did I wing it? Yes.
Did they gawk at my skills? Yes.
Did it make we want to coach for a living? Damn straight.

Now here I am four years later and I finally have designed t-shirts for my soccer training. I’m no Van Gogh, but check them out:

To clarify: black and purple were my favorite colors long before the Baltimore Ravens became a thing. Just sayin’.

Also, the wording on the back was either going to be “Wonder Woman” “Beast Mode” “Fuck Men” or “Confidence.” Alas, I figured “confidence” reflected my training and life philosophy the best.

Since it’s taken four years into my career to design a t-shirt (which I’d say is actually pretty early), these will not be sold for me to make extra income.

HOWEVER. I will be accepting payments in pumpkin spice lattes. #whitegirlproblems

Kidding. I’m giving them out to my players as a special thanks for working their asses off, dealing with my jokes, and listening to my electronic dance music during sessions.

So in celebration of  business ownership, awesome athletes, and confidence, here is this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Why I Like It:

– Great for work in the frontal plane, which actually, is a plane of motion we need to dominate more. Especially if you’re an athlete, this will help to build acceleration and strength for changing direction.

– Excellent for an added core challenge with the offset load from the kettlebell. Also, reinforces contralateral movement through the reflexive core.

– Helps with single leg strength and balance.

– Keep the box fairly high as it will help to “grease the groove” of the working leg hip flexor, as well as provide an ankle dorsiflexion component – both critical for running/walking quality.

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