Exercise for Confidence: Offset Glute Bridge Press

Exercise for Confidence: Offset Glute Bridge Press

As much as I love putting my athletes in high intensity environments, especially during the off-season, there comes a time when I have to dial back on load and volume.

To that end, not every gym session will be similar to The Battle of Helm’s Deep or Jon Snow fighting one thousand white walkers.

Enter: the de-load week.

Now this isn’t to say we aren’t pulling a lot of weight. We are.

Here are a couple ways I like to de-load my athletes before I send them back to college:

– Cut volume in half.
– Cut load in half.
– Focus on isometrics.
– Incorporate diaphragmatic breathing.
– Replace Eminem with Mozart on the sound system.

The de-load is just as important as the hardcore off-season to prepare an athlete for the demands of college soccer.

Here is an exercise I sprinkled in this year:

Why It’s Awesome:

– Hones glute activation and lumbo-pelvic stability from the offset load of the dumbbell.
– Provides a greater anterior core challenge.
– Can be used as an accessory movement to tie the body together more (inter-muscular coordination) through the glutes and anterior core.

I recommend performing 2-3 sets 8-10 reps each side.

Enjoy and let me know how you do.

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