Exercise For Confidence: Lateral Lunge with Pulse

Exercise For Confidence: Lateral Lunge with Pulse

I kinda sorta hate hotel gyms.

Okay, I actually LOATHE them. Most of the time, they’re a closet-like space that is jammed with two treadmills, a bosu, and a rack of dumbbells that doesn’t go higher than 15 pounds.

Aka: Tracey Anderson’s dream gym.


Certainly, I wasn’t going to settle for Tracy Anderson workouts. I’d rather walk on shattered glass, or grab a cranberry vodka with Donald Trump.

But guys, I wished this gym had barbells, squat racks, olympic lifting platforms, trap bars, and TRX systems. And what about pull up bands? Landmines? Valsides? Sandbags? AHHHHHHHHH! b

Alas, I knew that was the needy strength coach in me, who is so used to having access to a diverse toolbox.


So surely enough, I had to improvise a little. Because let’s face it: hotel gyms aren’t meant for insane feats of strength. They’re not meant for bench pressing 2x your bodyweight. They’re not meant for timing your pro agility drill. And they’re not meant for wiping the sweat off your shirt all in an effort to try to get laid —-> (I know you’re really flashing your abs).  ;-0

Here is this week’s Exercise for Confidence:

Why I Like It:

– Stole it from Jordan Syatt, so obviously it’s awesome.
– Excellent for core stability and firing up the anterior core.
– Great way to interplay single leg strength with hip mobility. 
– Increases overall athleticism with frontal plane work. Things such as changing direction quickly, pushing off your plant foot to accelerate past a defender, or moving laterally defensively.
– May reduce chance of injury since most injuries occur in the frontal and transverse plans of motion when we are unable to resist high amounts of force.
– Can be done in a shitty hotel gym.

Enjoy 😉

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