Exercise For Confidence: Lateral Lunge with Overhead Press

Exercise For Confidence: Lateral Lunge with Overhead Press

Every day I find myself wingin’ it.

Graduate school: wingin’ it. My dating life: wingin’ it. Blogging: wingin’ it.
Marriage: wingin’ it AND avoiding it.

Either way, life presents new adventures with unlimited avenues every day. We have no choice BUT to wing it and lean into the ebb and flow of the Universe.

Last week, Lori Lindsey wrote a terrific guest post for me, and talked shop about strength exercises for soccer players. Reaching out to her was a “wingin’ it” moment and it worked out beautifully.


Moving forward, Energize Fitness will be tuning into the soccer world much more.

If you’re a lover of the beautiful game, this blog will continue to be your jam. If you drink beer and watch American football on Sundays, don’t even bother. But hey, some of these exercises translate well to football players. Strength is strength, right?

Here is this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Why I Like It:

– Excellent interplay of mobility and stability through the hips, core, and thoracic spine.
– Great way to train shoulder stability and build up to a stronger press. This is NOT an exercise to be a hero and press heavy loads overhead.
– Focuses on the frontal plane mobility which is critical for changing direction and reducing chance of knee injuries.
– Great for single leg strength and deceleration in the frontal plane. This is important for soccer plays when executing fakes, step overs, turns, and 1 v 1 moves, and to evade blowing out a knee.
– Trains the concentric “push off” on the working leg, which translates to accelerating out of a 1 v 1 move.

Again, this exercise is not made for near maximal loads. Think of it as “loaded yoga.” Enjoy 🙂

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