Exercise for Confidence: Landmine Transverse Lunge

Exercise for Confidence: Landmine Transverse Lunge

We live in a saggital dominated world, which is all good in my book. Especially in terms of mastering foundational movements and building maximal strength, we need saggital work.

However, to increase overall athleticism, we must venture out of this plane.

Here is this week’s Exercise for Confidence:

Strength and control in the transverse plane improves our ability to move, change direction, and perform rotational sport specific skills, like shooting, throwing, and hitting.

I love this exercise for a handful of reasons:

– The position of the landmine increases the load on the anterior core.
– The landmine also allows you to lever yourself so your hips can “sit back” more.
– For advanced lifters or athletes, I’d argue this could be a nice warm up movement.


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