Exercise For Confidence: Landmine Plank Row

Exercise For Confidence: Landmine Plank Row

When it comes to technology in today’s day and age, my thoughts are a mixed bag.

For starters, the good news is I can share content for free – writing witty pop culture references, sharing strength training knowledge, posting shirtless selfies showing soccer drills in ripped sweatpants, and providing new exercises with a ‘functional’ benefit.

On the other end of the spectrum, we live in a world where it’s no longer exhilarating to meet up with your friends in person, where you see your friend give birth to a baby straight out of the womb in the Facebook news feed, where you could meet your future husband by swiping right, and where your mom can text you with shit emojis.


Needless to say, technology has allowed for some crazy shenanigans. And thankfully, the world hasn’t flipped upside down. Yet.

Either way, I’m grateful to be able to use technology to my advantage by continuing to share content that will benefit others. As long as people are learning something new, I’ve done my job as a fitness blogger and human being on planet Earth.

Because, Buddhism.

Here is this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Why I Like It:
– Excellent for core anti-rotation especially because you have to prevent any lateral shifting of the bar.

– There is some degree of grip work due to the fatter grip of the landmine, making it much more challenging than dumbbell, barbell, and TRX rows. 

– The front loading of the landmine and plank position make it much more difficult to stabilize the shoulders and core. Both will be on FIRE.

– Angles are everything. Landmines work on a pendulum-like path, in which the load is harder to move at the bottom (from the ground up). Perform a standing landmine row and the exercise becomes much easier.

Now I’m not expecting you to learn physics, but this a good to know when manipulating angles with various landmine moves.


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