Exercise for Confidence: Ladder Hip Turn

Exercise for Confidence: Ladder Hip Turn

If you’re an athlete, you better be good with your hips.

Now I’m not saying become a salsa dancer or make an appearance on Dancing with the Stars, but rather, develop some degree of hip mobility and rhythm. Especially if you want to improve your agility and ability to change direction, you need to make your hip movements a priority.

Normally, I’m not a fan of ladders for improving agility and speed, but this drill is a good start:

Why I like it:

– Reinforces “athletic stance” and keeping center of gravity low
– Reinforces a wide base with the feet for faster turns
– Works in all planes of motion
– Incorporates a dynamic component (on the run)
– Improves hip mobility in all directions
– Improves rhythmic ability and spatial awareness (excellent for youth, beginner athletes)

I’d argue to start the hip turns in a static (standing) position so athletes are getting used to turning their hips left, center, and right. Then, progress to the dynamic ladder version. But hey, if you have mini Messi’s, by all means, get them started here.

To ensure kids are increasing their speed during this drill, I snap my fingers and they have to move to the speed of my snaps. Each set gets faster, of course.

Enjoy and let me know how everyone does.

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