Exercise for Confidence: Hurdle Duck Under and Balance

Exercise for Confidence: Hurdle Duck Under and Balance

I’ll always preach heavy strength training for several reasons:

– Increases ability to put force into the ground
– Improves resiliency from injury
– Improves body composition
– Increases mental confidence
– Prepares people for the ending of the world
– Makes flexing biceps more fun

There’s something magical about pulling heavy shit, pushing heavy shit, and carrying heavy shit.

As I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with being strong.

Personally, strength training has improved my performance and overall confidence on the pitch as a soccer player.

However, I’ve had to train flexibility, power, coordination, movement, agility all in conjunction with a strength training program. Certainly, strength is great, but other factors must be considered.

Too often, I see athletes that can knock down the Great Wall of China, but they’re unable of moving in all planes of motion freely and efficiently.

This begs the question: should athletes become better movers?


Here is a drill to get you started:

Why It’s Awesome:

– There’s a plethora of stability and mobility components going on here. Stability in the torso, ankle, balancing hip, and mobility in the hips through the frontal plane.

– Balance and finishing the lock-out in the final positition

– This is a great warm up for multi-directional running drills as it prepares athletes to decelerate, balance, and move laterally better.

With that said, keep getting strong, but start getting supple too.

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