Exercise for Confidence: How to Bear Crawl Correctly

Exercise for Confidence: How to Bear Crawl Correctly

Hurricane Florence is fast approaching Maryland, which means several things are happening:

1. People are stocking up on bread and milk.
2. I’m stocking up on red wine and Oreo cookies.
3. I’ll be doing a lot of bear crawling in the comfort of my own home.

I’d argue not all of these are terrible.

Even though I’m going to be stranded at home, you bet I’m making time for more movement.

Whether you’re stuck, or able to go to the gym, more bear crawling is a good thing.

But do it correctly. Don’t half-ass.

This week’s Exercise for Confidence is a video tutorial on how to Bear Crawl properly:

Using the cone as external feedback is the best way to ensure your hips and core are staying stable throughout the movement.

The Bear Crawl is something that shouldn’t be rushed, otherwise you aren’t reaping its many benefits:

– Anterior core activation
– Coordination and motor skills
– Shoulder stability
– Improved core control and stability

The video above is just one sample of the many videos I will be including in my Total Youth Soccer Fitness Book set for release in November. If you’re interested in learning more about this product and how it will help you teach your youth athletes fitness better, message me here.

I hope this helps you to perform them better, as well as teach your athletes.

Also, if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic, get your crawling in, but most importantly, stay safe. <3

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