Exercise for Confidence: Hollow Hold Stir-The-Pot

Exercise for Confidence: Hollow Hold Stir-The-Pot

The Hollow Hold is a staple exercise for soul crushing anterior core activation.

If you’re an athlete who wants a solid foundation of support for improved performance, then Hollow Holds are for you.

Or, if you’re a non-athlete who has a passion for lifting and fitness, this exercise will challenge you far more than conventional Sit-Ups.

If you want to learn more about the functional anatomy of the core, check out this article.

So before you get crazy with my Hollow Hold progression, make sure you can master THIS first:

If you have trouble keeping your legs extended, then no worries. It’s totally okay to bend the knees and build a base of strength before moving on in a straight leg position.

Once mastered, try this week’s Exercise For Confidence to up the ante:

The band adds a resistance as well as leverage component, thus increasing anterior core activation.

Maintaining the Hollow Hold position becomes a hell of a lot harder when the band comes into play.

Some things to remember:

– Keep the chin tucked in to the neck.
– Lift head and shoulders off the floor.
– Play with the width of your circles (I found the more I was moving the band to my belly button, the harder).
– Start with knees bent, then progress to straight leg position.
– Don’t forget to breathe.
– And pray.

I hope you find this exercise as badass and challenging as I did.

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.


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