Exercise for Confidence: Hip Bridge with Pallof Press

Exercise for Confidence: Hip Bridge with Pallof Press

When my athletes perform core exercises, more often than not, they’ll say they can’t *feel* their abs working.

So what do I do?

Make them hold a plank while watching an entire episode of Dora the Explorer.


If a movement is isometric and focuses on stabilizing muscle groups, athletes may not always feel their abs being ripped apart. Which is OKAY.

I can assure that shit is still working and we’re not wasting time.

Here is this week’s exercises for confidence:

Full disclosure: I felt this one.

I’m *that* innovative with ab exercises.

What’s more, is I felt my glutes working in conjunction with my core to keep my pelvis stable. Any time I can tie both pieces together, you bet I’m including it in a program.

This is a great exercise for anti-rotation AND anti-extension, and to ensure the hips and core are working as one unit. In a nutshell, want to be more athletic? Yeah. Do this.

Coaching cues:

– Squeeze the glutes and try not to extend the lower back.
– Use enough resistance with the band to challenge the anti-rotation aspect, but enough to keep the band centered.
– Perform 2-3 sets 10-12 reps each side.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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