Exercise For Confidence: Hip Bridge Pelvic Control

Exercise For Confidence: Hip Bridge Pelvic Control

It’s always fun coming up with the names of my weekly Exercise for Confidence.

For this one, I was oscillating between “Hip Bridge Pelvic Control” or “SL Hip Bridge of Death” or “It Looks Easy But You’ll Die” or “OMG Game of Thrones Starts In Two Weeks Bridge.”

I don’t care if that last one made no sense.

Here is this week’s Exercise For Confidence:

Part of the problem is today’s world is people have trouble dissociating their hip from their lumbar spine.

This can open a can of worms for overactive hip flexors, weak hip extensors (gluteals, hamstrings), and lack of lumbo-pelvic hip control/stability.

To mitigate this problem, people can start with a basic glute bridge to focus on squeezing the butt like they mean it.

If the glute bridge needs to be progressed, awesome! Single leg bridges or more dynamic variations (as shown above) will help to improve stability in the hips and challenge someone if they have a natural “pelvic drop.”

Alas, don’t worry. You’re human. It’s normal to be asymmetrical. All we can do is do our best to improve pelvic alignment by being cognizant of the way our bodies are aligned.

For me, when I perform this week’s Exercise For Confidence, when I abduct the opposite leg, my left pelvis naturally drops, so I have to work harder to squeeze my (weak) right gluteus medius to avoid any asymmetry.

It looks easy, but give it a try to see how fucked up you are. ;-O

The human body is a fascinating place to live, after all.

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