Exercise for Confidence: Fun Speed Drill

Exercise for Confidence: Fun Speed Drill

I love training sprint work.

It gets athletes moving at maximal speed.
It taps into the phosphagen system.
It activates muscles used in sprinting.
It reduces chance of injury.
It gets you faster than jogging. <— I’m making too much sense.
It brings out an athlete’s competitive spirit.
It can be fun.

Here is a drill I stole from my boss, Coach Jay Dyer:

Why I like this:

– It involves lower and upper body power to jump over the hurdle
– It trains lateral movement
– It trains contralateral lateral movement <— sorry if that was a tongue twister
– It reinforces forward lean when accelerating
– It’s fun
– My Instagram got a ton of likes and exploded after I posted this drill

…So yeah. It’s legit.

Normally, I have athletes do this while competing against each other, which requires all-out effort and full speed. No half-assing here.

Sure, this drill isn’t reinventing the wheel, but incorporates many components involved in healthy movement, sharp agility, and efficient speed mechanics.


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