Exercise For Confidence: Contralateral Chain Crawl

Exercise For Confidence: Contralateral Chain Crawl

Regardless of one’s experience in the gym, crawling is a staple movement to regain strength, work on coordination, and activate the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

For some of us, baby crawling on the knees is enough. But for others, it’s time to kick it up a notch. To progress crawling we can manipulate speed, foot width, plane of motion, or other variables.

Enter stage right: chain loaded crawling.

Enjoy this week’s Exercise for Confidence:

While this may look like some raunchy shenanigans from 50 Shades of Grey, or my sex tape debut, it’s not.

And this bears repeating: if you’re a woman, don’t make eye contact with a man while performing this. He’ll think he has a chance of getting laid.

Why do I like this movement?

– Since this is in the frontal plane of motion, it’s a great way to prep the body for a frontal plane workout and to develop overall athleticism. Read this for more information how to get stronger outside the saggital plane.


– The contralateral load of the chains (opposite limbs) further ties the core together to build reflexive strength. Keep in mind the contralateral movement must mimic the gait pattern and be performed simultaneously. I’ll hunt you down if it’s not.

– Ties together multiple human movement systems (posterior oblique and lateral subsystems), which are important for walking, running, and alleviating low back pain.


– It’s awesome because I stole it from Maryland-based strength coach Mark Shropshire. He is a genius and badass, and doesn’t utilize social media enough. This is me pimping him out, so you should go follow him.

That’s it. Have an excellent Thanksgiving. 🙂

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