Dropping Knowledge Bombs on Soccer Performance and Rehab Workshop

Come join Coach Erica Suter and Dr. Nicole Clark on Saturday June 15th for a full day of soccer performance and rehabilitation insights. With over a decade of training experience, Erica and Nicole's mission is to provide soccer coaches, parents, and youth players the tools to become faster, stronger, and more resilient on for a long lasting career on the pitch. This workshop will be a full day, interactive experience.

Attendees will engage in hands-on learning with specific drills to better their players' performance - from proper warm up, to on and off field strength and power training, to agility drills, to conditioning drills. Additionally, there will be a discussion on preventing injuries specific to young soccer players, as well how soccer players can return to play from injury in a safe way.

As two former college and semi-professionals players, Erica and Nicole want to empower young athletes to be their strongest selves on and off the field.

Early Bird until May 15th: $119
Regular Price after May 15th: $139

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Features and Benefits

During this event you will...
  • Spend a full day with two former college and WPSL players
  • Learn from two female coaches with over a decade of experience in soccer performance and rehabilitation
  • Learn how to warm up your players so they are ready to play and withstand the full game without injury
  • Learn about the injuries in soccer and how to reduce their chance
  • Learn about healthy return to play from physical therapy table back to the pitch
  • Learn how to execute the best speed, agility and conditioning drills
  • Learn what strength exercises are best for improving soccer specific movements
  • Engage in hands-on learning with all of the exercises presented
  • Be urged to take action with your players and execute what you have learned
  • Have Erica and Nicole as an ongoing resource

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone involved in youth soccer – parents, coaches, trainers, club owners, physical therapists and players are welcome.

All ages will be touched on, but the meat of the content is for the middle, high school, and college levels.

Since Erica and Nicole want the attendees moving as much as possible, there will be a 15 minute lecture for each topic, followed by a 45 minute lab where coaches try the movements. The workshop will be a total of 6 hours, with an hour for attendees to get lunch and connect with Erica and Nicole.

There will be no refunds for this event.

Yes, Erica and Nicole plan to do a tour in 2020.

Are you ready to grow your knowledge in soccer performance training and serve your youth players better?

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