Coaching: Doing More Than Just Building Athletes

Coaching: Doing More Than Just Building Athletes

Do you spend hours digesting strength and conditioning research?

Are you always looking to acquire your next certification?

Do you cuddle with Supertraining in your free time?

Do you recite the stretch shortening cycle to your athletes during plyometrics?

If you answered “yes” to these, you’re a nerd. But I’d argue you’re also ahead of the rest of the strength and conditioning industry.

As strength coaches, knowing the technical components of training are critical to getting our athletes better, faster, and stronger. We wouldn’t be in business or have jobs if we didn’t know the science of our crafts. We wouldn’t be pushing the industry forward. We wouldn’t be doing our athletes and teams a service.

Needless to say, science is great.

However, you can know everything about human movement sub-systems, functional anatomy, lever arms and biomechanics, anaerobic conditioning, Catapult technology, and the muscles that make up the hamstrings group, but you don’t know jack shit about how to deal with humans.

And a good chunk of our careers revolve around connecting with our athletes.

After recently reading Conscious Coaching, it propelled some deep self reflection. As Bret Bartholomew states in the book, “Coach people first, not athletes.”


What I like most about this book is Bret’s discussion of how he has connected with a diversity of personality types over the course of his coaching career.

Ever had an athlete who wants to lift more than they should?

Ever had an athlete who struggles to deal with adversity?

Ever had an athlete who just wants to do bicep curls?

Yeah. We all have.

Alas Conscious Coaching, explains exactly how to tackle each type of athlete, and how you as a coach can connect to them as people first. After all, this is the key to building lasting relationships and trust.

No matter how hard-pressed you are on your philosophy and how much you know about sport science, your athletes have to understand you and your why.

Personally, I remember the first time I told my athletes to crawl.

Instead of lecturing them on the benefits of crawling on the vestibular system and reflexive strength and intermuscular coordination, I just said, “Alex Morgan does it to get fast and strong, so you should too.”


At the end of the day, it’s all about catering to personalities. So please check out Conscious Coaching. It’s life changing.

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