Coaches, Know Your “Why”

Coaches, Know Your “Why”


This is a question that is important to ask.

Why is the world round?
Why do vegans broadcast their diets?
Why do we pay taxes?
Why are you reading this blog as you lie in bed naked?

Alright. Moving on to the “why” of this article…

In order to level up in a fitness profession, you must ask, “why.” Why Am I doing this? Why am I coaching? Why am I trying to help people look sexy in their birthday suits?

Though it may seem trite, it’s a critical question to ask. We learn more about ourselves, no doubt, but we can better understand how to truly help others and inspire change.

Understanding our “why” moves us into a space of more conscious coaching.

If you’re a strength coach, chances are, you’ve read this book or at least heard of it.

Brett reminds us to be ourselves, establish our coaching philosophy, and remind ourselves of our “why” in order to build strong, genuine connections with our athletes.

Maybe you suffered a severe injury and it sidelined you from a year of college athletics, and now you want to teach athletes how to stay healthy.

Maybe you were bullied at a young age, discovered fitness as a way to a healthy life (physically and emotionally), and want to help people to recognize their greatness.

Or maybe, like me, you overcame feats of strength, injuries, and years of hard work on the pitch and moved on to play a sport in college. You want to share this amazing experience with the young kids you coach, and get them to this level of fulfillment and fun and memories.

So what’s your why?

In order to showcase your personality, separate yourself from the masses, and foster a genuine relationship with your athletes, know the answer to this question. It helps you to realize who you are at your core, as well as tune into your life purpose.

Know your why.

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