Best Articles of 2017: Reader Picks

Best Articles of 2017: Reader Picks

Yesterday, I shared the Best Articles of 2017: My Picks.

Now, it’s time for the readers.

These articles garnered the most web traffic and traction. They made people laugh so hard they peed their pants. They motivated people to read Gary V books on business. They pushed the envelope in terms of new training and mindset hacks. And they showcased how amazing I am at SEO. ;-O

Let’s dive right in:

Do You Even Athletic Stance, Bro?

This was my most recent article and probably my last *real* one before the year wraps up.

If you have time to read 5,000 words, watch 17 videos, and acquire 50 mind fucks, read this piece. The athletic stance is the most critical movement in performance training, as it translates over to a plethora strength and agility drills.

What Sport Specific Really Means

I had the pleasure to write this piece for strength coach Tony Gentilcore, and the feedback was stellar. A lot of strength coaches applauded me, and cried tears of joy that I spoke up on this topic.

Many people, namely, coaches and parents are under the impression that athletes can train sport specific. However, when it comes to gaining strength, skills must be a separate component.


How To Not Judge Other People: Their Mistakes, Scandals, and Shortcomings

Normally, I’m reluctant to share what’s going on in my personal life, as I feel it’s important to disconnect it from my professional life.


There’s a very important message in this piece: everyone is going to screw up and that is OKAY.

Does Every Athlete Need To Go To A Division 1 School?

Attention all parents: enough with the love affair with D1 schools.

There’s a host of benefits by having your kid go D2 and D3. Personally, going D3 made me who I am today. And I guess I turned out alright. ;-O

How To Be A Jedi Master Fitness Blogger

Did the Star Wars reference get your attention?

Awesome. I’m a Jedi Master writer then. ;-O

To that end, the recipe for fitness blogging is simple: originality + voice = followers. But you must be consistent. And you must be willing to set aside your weekends to flirt with your creativity and storytelling.

So stop making announcements, and start writing.

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