Best Articles of 2017: Exercise Edition

Best Articles of 2017: Exercise Edition

Each week, I post an “Exercise for Confidence” which is a unique exercise that you’ve 1) probably never seen before 2) may be acrobatic and 3) will make you more likely to pick up chicks at the gym.

It’s time to reflect on this year’s best exercises.

Two-Finger Pull Up

A lot of people went crazy over this one. I mean, it’s a pull up variation created by the pull up guru herself, Meghan Callaway.

What I love about this exercise is it forces you to initiate the movement with your back, and hone a more efficient path to the bar.

Will it hurt your fingers? Yes.

But don’t be a pussy. This is worth it.

Zercher Marches

This another one of those “don’t-be-a-pussy” exercises. Anything with the word “zercher” is bound to be a grind.

Biceps? Yes. Core of steel? Yes. Single leg balance? Yes. More resilient mind? Absolutely.

Unilateral Jump

Even the most basic jump exercises are hard to master. But if you’re ready to up the ante, give this variation a try. I stole it from Dr. Joel Seedman who specializes in creating unique and challenging movements.

If you’re looking to kick your spinal stabilizers into overdrive, this movement is for you. And it’s a good test to see how aware you are of your knee valgus. Enjoy.

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