Best Articles of 2017 – Erica’s Picks

Best Articles of 2017 – Erica’s Picks

As I get older, the years go by faster. Now that I’m 28, I’m beginning to understand life passes you by with the bat of an eyelash.

And although 2017 was an absolute whirlwind, several life changing things happened.

I started saving for retirement. I visited a best girlfriend I haven’t seen in 4 years. I fell in love. I gave up being vegan and started eating bacon again. I failed people. People failed me. I forgave myself. I forgave others.

I tallied 300 blog posts in 2 years. I fired 1 client. I confirmed my first conference speaking engagement. I clocked in over 1,000 soccer and gym sessions. I had over 5,000 coffees. And I still remained one, sane woman.

Wow. Cheers to an awesome 2017. Blogging and coaching may seem like a glamorous lifestyle from the outside, but it’s really an oscillating journey with plenty of “oh-shit” moments.

To celebrate the year, I’m compiling a “Best Of” list for my articles. This week, I highlight my favorite ones, and then next week, I’ll highlight the readers’ favorite ones.


The Movements In Soccer And How Strength Plays A Role

I’ve shard this piece a million times. It is one of my favorite articles on soccer performance training and goes into detail on the specific movements in soccer and how training for strength helps to improve them.

I’ll preach strength training for soccer players until my fingers fall off from writing.

How To Actually Get Results – No BS

Want some tough love on getting results in the gym? This one’s for you.

Sometimes what people need is honesty, otherwise they won’t get to the next level with their fitness goals. Enjoy.

Shit I Used To Say When I Was A Newbie

Looking back on my career, I used to say some dumb shit. Like “eat 6 meals a day” or “ladder drills suck” or “don’t do cardio.”

It’s refreshing to see how much I’ve evolved over the years working in the weight room and on the soccer pitch. I’m sure MANY of you can relate to this list.

An Ode To The Hip Hinge: Why It’s The Most Important Movement

The hip hinge is the super power of performance training. Whether you want a stronger butt, improved agility, or increased power output, learn this movement pattern.

For all you nerds, this is a super technical article. Enjoy.

The Best Fitness Advice: Take Action

There are two types of people in this world: talkers and doers.

When it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals, you have to be the doer. It may sound simple, but taking little action steps daily compounds to something MUCH BIGGER overtime.

This reminds me of an awesome quote I saw: “Less announcements. More moves.”

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