Be Thankful for Movement

Be Thankful for Movement

This much I know: planet Earth is one big insane asylum.

We communicate with others through memes.
We learn how to play the recorder in school instead of how to do taxes properly.
We swipe left or right to determine our romantic future.
We are taught to go to college to get a salary to become rich to eventually find ourselves in debt.
We get worked up over oil changes, adulting, and bills and center pieces for our weddings.
We use SnapChat filters to make our skin look better.
We forget to say “thanks.”

To that end, there’s a lot going on in this world, no doubt. But the one thing humans are missing is expressing gratitude.

Here’s the thing: I’m no life coach. Nor am I a New Age spiritual hippie who drinks hemp with a side of almond milk and listens to binaural beats to raise my vibrational frequency.

I’m just an average girl who says thanks, so therefore, I’m able to live a happy life. It’s pretty simple.

Too often, people take shit for granted, especially movement.

Can you walk today?
Can you breathe through your diaphragm?
Can you swing your arms?
Can you hop, skip, jump?

You’re already having one hell of an awesome day.

Be thankful for movement.

At any given time, your body can take a blow. You get admitted to the hospital. You break a bone. You have to amputate your leg. You get cancer.

Be thankful for movement.

Sure, going to see your personal trainer at 6:00AM may be the last thing you want to do.

But be thankful for movement.

Working on your deadlift PR may be a grind.

Be thankful for movement.

Running 300 yard shuttles for your soccer strength coach may seem like death.

Be thankful for movement.

Doing a boot camp after a 9-5 work day may seem like the end of the world.

Be thankful for movement.

Taking the conversation back to happiness, the happiest people are the most grateful.

Personally, even when my body is at its healthiest, strongest, most powerful and badass and can do things like this:

I’m thankful.

Every. Damn. Day.

So this bears repeating: be thankful for movement.

The body is a miracle in and of itself – it can twist, turn, push, pull, lift, carry, run. Every day, I’m absolutely enchanted with what it can do, and tremendously appreciative.

So in times of good health and bad health, be thankful.

We live on Earth spinning in a galaxy with 7 billion people and rising on the planet with rocks moving at a million miles an hour in the solar system. Ain’t nothing stable about that shit.

To that end, anything can happen at any time to you.

Be thankful for movement.

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