Be Patient, You Asshat: Part 2

Be Patient, You Asshat: Part 2

“I made varsity as a freshman!”

“I got a full-ride soccer scholarship!”

“I got top rated on my fitness tests!”

“I earned a starting spot as a college freshman!”

These are some of the texts I have received over the years from my clients.

On the surface, these are amazing. They light me up. They make me tremendously proud.

But what most people don’t realize is…these are just the results.

Behind these text messages is grind. Serious grind.

And little do people know, these texts took years in the making. It took years to get my athletes to this level of success, but it was so incredibly deserved it brings tears to my eyes.

Moreover, years of hard work, consistency, and showing up to listen to my tough ass paid off.

Behind the scenes of athletic development, well, true athletic development, is daily steps that compound over time to something magical. This ain’t no overnight juice cleanse that only works for 30 days.

Fuck. No.

And if you’ve known me or worked with me, you know I preach the process.

I don’t give a fuck if you want to go D1, start as a freshman, or go professional.

But what I do give a fuck about is what you’re willing to do to get there.


Because that’s where the magic happens – through the process of putting in the consistent grind of giving a shit, staying consistent, and showing up daily.

You know, good old fashioned hard work.

And I get, training 3-5x a week in the off-season isn’t sexy.

Prowler sprints aren’t fun.

300 yard shuttles aren’t fun.

Heart rate monitor conditioning isn’t fun.

Failing at pull-ups the first day isn’t fun.

Learning to deadlift isn’t fun.

Sled leopard crawling isn’t fun.

And listening to me bark and correct isn’t fun.

But here’s a mind fuck for you: sometimes the not-so-fun stuff is what it takes to propel yourself to the next level.

So I beg you: get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Put simply, be patient you asshat.

Be patient with the process – its highs, lows, oscillations, wave-like trends – be fucking patient.

I preach this allllllll the time in athletic development, but I’d be remiss not to point it out in regards to real fucking life.

And if we want to teach our athletes anything profound, its how to lean into the process.

There will be failures. There will be mistakes. There will be trial and error.

But these times serve as great teaching lessons to boost your evolution, as an athlete and human being.

Because look: you got one life in this bitch on planet Earth.

Are you going to be afraid of the pull-up bar, or attack it with fervor?

Are you going to drag your fucking feet, or be explosive and step into action?

Are you going to recoil and be weak, or are you going to deliver a punch?

Let’s hope the latter.

Life is about not only being patient, but giving each moment your all, even when you’re feeling weak and flat and totally unproductive.

Enjoy life’s fullness of shit storms and victories. In fact, MARVEL at them.

You’ll not only be more fulfilled, but more energized to attack life with urgency and passion and elegance.

Life, then, becomes a breeze.

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