A New Adventure: Reflecting On 3 Years At A Commercial Gym

A New Adventure: Reflecting On 3 Years At A Commercial Gym

Just FYI: this post will make you laugh, cry, smile, and experience a glass case of emotion. But it’s a long one. So you’re going to have to buckle up.

Here’s the big news: After 3 years of being a personal trainer at a commercial gym, I decided it was time to move on.

You may wonder where I’m headed. Am I going to be the strength coach for a major division 1 college soccer program? Am I going to train DILFs and dad bods around the world? Did I just get hired as a bulking coach for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? All viable guesses, no doubt.

Alas, drum roll please…

Well, I’m still going to do be doing my own thing, which is training youth soccer players, teams, individuals, super humans, and turning young girls into women. This includes field sessions that incorporate technical skills, strength, proprioception, coordination, and my awesome motivational quotes.

What’s more is I also just took a job as a strength coach at Jay Dyer Strength and Conditioning. #PrivateSectorForLife.


^ See that dude?

That’s Jay Dyer, one of the best strength and conditioning coaches out there, and even better at hiding it. You may notice his calm demeanor, but don’t let it fool you: he’s fierce and smart as shit. And he’s my new “boss.” I put boss in quotations because he hates that label. Sorry, Jay. Had to for the sake of prose.

So yeah, that’s my next venture. I’m pumped.

But First, How I Started

I don’t want this post to talk about how awesome my new work environment is and how great it is to work with Jay and all dude colleagues, and banter all day with every other word being the F bomb.

Instead, I want to talk about my experience at my old commercial gym, RockWell Fitness.


Truthfully, I lucked out when I started my training career there. One of the oldest trainers at RockWell Fitness was my strength coach when I was a kid. So yeah, I knew someone. Better yet, my interview for the job went something like this:

Fitness director: “Hey, when can you start?”
Me: “Tomorrow.”

Didn’t need a cover letter. Didn’t need a resume. Didn’t need to show cleavage. Didn’t need to tell him what my weaknesses were and cleverly twist them into strengths…you know, to appear competent.


Let’s debunk something first: there seems to be a negative connotation associated with the term “commercial gym.” And RockWell Fitness certainly deviates from the usual stereotype.

Truthfully, I’m grateful. If it weren’t for RockWell Fitness I would’ve started in a Globo Gym – like Gold’s or Brick Bodies – surrounded by bros with huge biceps and small testicles.


I trained a myriad of clients – from senior citizens to soccer players to moms wanting to get strong. And you know what? I lucked out in that regard as well.

Words can’t begin to describe how badass my clients were. I’m not biased or anything. ;-0

But seriously.

Take a look:

My client Molly performs a 100 pound split squat.

Or how about this:

My bikini competitor client, Laura, crushing a 215 pound hip thrust during peak week for her show. And she could’ve done way more. Just sayin’.

Speaking of bikinis, here she is in the spotlight:

Pretty fucking impressive for a 50+ year old mother.

But to repeat, I got lucky. Sure, I programmed the shit out of my clients with careful progressions and regressions to suit their needs, and challenged them to up intensity, calculated percentages, and pushed conditioning, but it really was all them.

They showed up with fervor and good vibes and passion and most importantly, trust.

Although I came up with crazy shenanigans each session, they trusted the training process.

I’m a trainer for a living and it’s never easy for ANYONE to find a trainer. There’s so much saturation in our industry my clients could’ve gone to anyone else.

Alas, they were okay when I said they can go up in weight. They were okay when I said, “one more round” for conditioning. They were okay when I said crawl on your knees.

So yeah, did I say I’m grateful?

Don’t get me wrong, there were highs and lows. Some days my clients were soooooooo down they needed a big, sweaty hug. And some days, I needed to up the ante and think on my feet because they weren’t being challenged enough.

Each week was similar, yet different. We focused on the big rock lifts, then sprinkled in “goofy” shit as needed.

Needless to say, I was forced to innovate and improve as a coach. My clients got better and I got better. It was a win-win.

I learned to take initiative and start my own soccer strength and conditioning program and ensure no youth athletes died.


What. A. Journey.

Training such a diverse population of clients was never “work” for me.

It was an honor.

Not one morning did I wake up and say in my head, “Fuck. This.”

So thank you, RockWell Fitness, for being such a great facility to learn, grow, evolve, and coach up the best clients. I’m forever thankful for my experience.

What’s Ahead

So what are my goals as far as career, you ask?

To be honest, I don’t know. And for once in my life, I have no goals or end destination. I have my CSCS, my Master’s degree, and my stash of Buddhism books. Right now, there’s not much more I can ask for as a 27 year old woman.


I’m just staying in my own lane. As cliche as this sounds, I just want to make people and athletes healthier, stronger, and better.

I mean why the hell else am I here as a human being, spinning around on a fucking globe in the solar system?

It’s heavy stuff, I know.

As scared shitless as I am for this next adventure, I’m ecstatic to share my talents and knowledge with new beings.

Call me a New Age spiritual hipster, but it’s time to push forward and evolve.

Thank you all for everything. 2016 has been the most challenging, yet transformative year yet.


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