7 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read

7 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read

Now that the election is over and most of us are fully recovered from exhaustion, or at least mostly, it’s time to move forward.

Maybe the results pained you so much you felt the need to argue with your friends on Facebook for 2 hours, only to leave you feeling more riled up and pissed off. Imagine that.

Personally, I thought everyone wasted precious time complaining about the world and fighting with others, when they could’ve been doing something for the world.

I had a man say to me the day after the election, “What a miserable day,” as if the world got butt fucked. I replied, “It’s just another Wednesday coaching and blogging for me. Upward and onward.”


So I challenge you: no more Facebook statuses, Trump memes, or Twitter wars. I’m done. Go do something. ANYTHING. Volunteer? Play some soccer? Adopt a cat? Have amazing sex? Just some suggestions.

To expound further, check out my post-election Facebook status:


*steps off podium*

Never will I publicize my political affiliation on social media because well, I’m a professional, and social media fights are draining as fuck. Buddhism is also way cooler than American politics.

Having said all that, you have the ability to control your life. Why be distracted by politics and externalize your power to someone in office when you can be working on your damn self? Self governing, heard of it? It’s a harsh, yet beautiful reality that puts us back in our power.

Sure, it matters who is in office. But it doesn’t at the same time.

You can allow anger, frustration, and resentment to permeate into all facets of your life, OR you can choose to uplift every ounce of your being by doing things you enjoy. Just good old-fashioned you do YOU.

To aid you along in gaining back some sanity, I compiled a list of 7 non-fitness books every fitness professional should read. Even if you’re not a fitness pro, you will certainly benefit from these. So get off CNN and FOX news and put the reading specs on. Enjoy.

1.) Contagious

I was blown away by this book. If you’re a business owner, this is a must read. And if you’re under the impression businesses thrive from aggressive advertising, you’re wrong.

Word of mouth and social networking hold tremendous power in customer awareness and retention. So why is it that Rebecca Black became an overnight sensation for her Friday music video? Or why is that a $100 cheese steak shop based in NYC still crushes its competition? You’ll have to buy the book to find out. 😉

2.) A New Earth

I’ve recommended The Power of Now before, but Eckhart Tolle takes this next book to a new level. So little is known about the ego and its detriments to our lives, relationships, and careers. Most of the time, humans cling to survival mode and  we are incapable of connecting with others.

“A New Earth” in Tolle’s vision is a place where people are aware of the poisons of their ego, but are able to keep themselves in check to live a more fulfilling, wholehearted, and connected life. If you’re a business owner, connection instead of competition is how you’ll be successful in the long-run. We are all in this together.

3.) The Alchemist

Speaking of controlling your life, this book will hammer home this notion further, and it is my #1 pick for a fiction read. The Alchemist is a refreshing and enlightening read on how to create your own reality when times get tough.

As a business owner, oscillation is inevitable. You’ll have days when you feel you’re absolutely crushing life, and you’ll have days when you feel the world is crumbling. Paul Coehlo does a great job of reminding us that we hold the power to transcend adversity and follow our dreams with ease.

4.) You Are A Badass

I kind of hate the term “self help book.” But. This may be the best one I’ve read. What’s different about You Are A Badass is Jen Sincero is totally raw and authentic in her voice, and challenges you to dive deep into your outlook on life. Do you operate under a victim mindset? Do you feel you’re an impostor? Do you have past issues that prevent you from becoming your best version? Do you worry about events that will never occur?


She asks the tough questions. But they’re SO needed. This was the best book I’ve read all year.

5.) Emotional Freedom

Calling all over-thinkers. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or doubt, this book is your bible. Why is it perfect for a training biz?


Because most of the time, the highs and lows from entrepreneurship may want you to bang your head against a wall. Or cry under a blanket. The truth being, entrepreneurship takes a tremendous amount of emotional endurance. And this book tells you how to acquire it.

6.) Big Magic

Creativity is the impetus behind entrepreneurship. But sometimes, we’re not always on our creative A-game and fail to produce good ideas/content.

I love the lighthearted and carefree take on creativity here. Elizabeth Gilbert reaffirms it’s okay to suffer from creative blocks. She tells us how to overcome our fears, follow our dreams and infuse our lives with passion. Needless to say, the more we allow creativity to naturally flow into our souls, the easier it comes.

7.) Nobody Wants To Read Your Sh*t

After training for a while, most trainers will start a fitness blog. Since everyone and their mother has one, be weary of how you deliver content. Are you truly expressing your voice? Are you showcasing your personality? Are you being authentic in your tone? Are readers enjoying your 1,000 word posts from start to finish?

Man, I thought I was a prolific writer. But this book told me otherwise. Certainly, a challenging, yet needed wake up call. And it will be for you too. ;-0

  • Minnie
    Posted at 14:30h, 12 November Reply

    Loved this post. What you wrote post election results is exactly what I’ve tried to tell people close to me. This made me feel so normal and focused like. Life is so good and most people just can’t grasp that. They make things so much more complicated. Look around you you the flowers are beautiful and smell so good.

    • erica
      Posted at 00:58h, 14 November Reply

      Minnie, could not agree more! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Molly
    Posted at 03:48h, 06 January Reply

    I need good books to read, I love your suggestions. Not a trainer, but want the trainer mindset. Love your philosophy of life!

    • erica
      Posted at 13:11h, 06 January Reply

      Thanks, Molly! You’ll love these books. Let me know which one you read first 🙂

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