5 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read

5 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read

This is no secret: I love reading.

So much, in fact, I crave alone time when I’m locked up in my room, lying under a blanket, with a book between my hands.

Even though I’m an extrovert and dynamic strength coach by day, I’m an introvert and recluse by night.

I’m not a sociopath or anything.

This article is a Part 2 to my 7 Non-Fitness Books Every Fitness Professional Should Read article. Why I chose only 5 books this time around, I don’t know, I went on 5 Tinder dates this year? It’s a cool number, no doubt.

I’ve read a LOT of books, but these ones resonated with me in the realms of personal development, business, relationships, writing, nutrition, and psychology – all things fitness professionals must read up on if they want to take their careers to the next level.


However, if you don’t like reading, then a) congratulations to me for keeping you engaged up to this point b) I can try to help you, but c) I don’t have the links to the SparkNotes for these books.

So for all my bookworms out there, put your reading specs on. Here are 5 non-fitness books every fitness professional should read:

1. The Positive Dog – Jon Gordon

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.43.19 PM
This is a great fiction read that can be completed in an hour. Seriously. Even though it’s first grade level reading, the universal theme of “always looking on the bright side” shines through to your soul and challenges you to turn adversity into victory. Certainly, an easy and refreshing book.

2. Nonsense – Jamie Holmes

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Tired of not knowing what the hell is next in your life? Get used to it. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow, but uncertainty is something we must lean into. Jamie Holmes does an excellent job of explaining how to manage uncertainty in relationships, career, and our daily lives. Spoiler alert: it’s okay to not know what’s next.

3. Nobody Wants To Read Your Shit – Steven Pressfield

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A lot of fitness professionals wake up one day and say they want to write. That’s cute. How about you stop talking about it and get started? Or, you can read this amazing book on how to captivate your audience with your prose. It’s brutal, honest, and tough, but Steve Pressfiled lights the fire under your ass to not be a shit writer. Enjoy.

4. Work, Sex, Money – Chogyam Trungpa

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While this may seem like the sequel to Wolf on Wall Street, it’s more of the PG-rated version. Humans fight the daily battle of the material vs. spiritual world. Is it okay to want to make money? Should I be giving back to others? Do I have a higher purpose? It’s certainly impossible to escape these competing thoughts. Read the book on how to combine the matrix world – one permeated with money, status, and ego – with the enlightened world – compassion, empathy, and heart.

5. Do You Believe In Magic? – Paul A. Offit, MD

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Out of all of the books listed, I recommend this one the MOST. As a recovering user of a million vitamins and supplements, I can’t help but question everything I’ve ingested over the years. Do we really need capsules of gingko biloba, maca powder, cinnamon, basil, green coffee bean extract, or glutamine? Or how much Vitamin C should we take until we’re at risk for cancer or heart problems? Dr. Paul Offit gives you a look at extensive research and the truth behind the supplement industry. And you guessed it: money has a lot to do with it.

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